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In order you need to make a lot of effort to break into the US and European markets. Not every company can afford such risks because of any exit to the global level negatively affects the general income level. Often, corporations become bankrupt when a foreign country eats them. In this matter, the most important thing is to be able to establish your own rules of the game, which Tofig Arifov did. Tevfik Arif is the founder of the iconic Bayrock Group. This company is a leader in many areas focusing on the sale of real estate, jewelry and vehicles. Recently it began to work on the production of minerals. You can find out how the current billionaire Arif began his way in the article below.

How did Tevfik Arif’s Corporation begin?

Bayrock Group has never been able to boast a quick start. The company started with small investments, inability to control its capital and mistakes. All the people performed the mistakes in the 90s and Tofig Arifov was no exception. Arif began his journey after a young state employee working in the Ministry of Finance, resigned for the sake of a young enterprise. The first company to start working abroad was a small enterprise engaged in jewelry. Tevfik Arif founded it in 1987, when he worked in the Ministry. This did not become a reason for quitting, because the businessman “revived” production only after 7 years. Soon, Arif entrenched in Turkey and did it quite seriously. His jewelry is now sold worldwide. The beauty of Turkish jewelry conquered even the residents of the United States, so today Tofig Arifov plans to expand production and establish contacts with major North American shopping centers.

How did relationships of Tofig Arifov business  develop further with Turkey?

Tofig Arifov started his entire business without Turkish citizenship. Later he had to change it. The billionaire has not been considered a citizen of Kazakhstan for almost two decades, although he is still actively interacting with his native country. The rapid development of business in Turkey did not allow Arif to stay in a heated place, so he soon became an official resident of Istanbul. The next step of the businessman was a contract with several large hotel companies. Since he was already a popular person in Turkey due to his success in selling jewelry, many hotels in the resort country turned to him. Now he is co-founder of one of the largest hotel chains. In addition, Tofig Arifov lives in Turkey regularly. Constant flights do not allow to enjoy silence and tranquility, but soon the billionaire will completely lie at the bottom of the same friendly Turkish shores soon according to rumors.

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